Our Mission

A contemporary fashion store for the empowered woman

The nightwear market has been missing the spark between quality and affordability, per contra our wide selection will you right, whether you're going for a night out, mod outing, or just like being fancy. We cover you with the latest worldwide trends. Including a mix of colors, beads, sequins, and handmade work

Garments are selected in pursuance to state-of-the-art standards, as we make sure to deliver distinguishable quality, germane to prevailing fashion trends. Normally, we prefer handmade minutiae thus our collections are never compromised.

In an exceptional attitude and assessment , our staff members will assist you in choosing your true fit without breaking the bank. Our staff-members are well settled in-stores, they feel comfortable and at home; thus it reflects on our service to you.

Our Values

Respect | Integrity | Quality

Fine quality is realized through our sense of responsibility. We believe that empowerment, consciousness, and ethics should be the founding stones of any prosperous business.

A glimpse about the owners

The entrepreneurial couple "Dalia Philip" & "Ashraf Samy" established La blanca through significant personal contributions and unhindered independent skills, through open communication and acceptance their skills complemented one another to achieve a successful venture.

Our Vision

Our competitions has been our source of success throughout the years

We always try to overcome internal and external barriers, thus surpassing market standards. We spare no effort to excel in flawless store operations, smart consistent management, and quality garments.

Throughout the upcoming half a decade we aim to shift our retail store to an authentic exclusive manufacturer. Furthermore, reach out to all Egyptian governates and multiple international locations


Success didn't happen overnight. Through dedication, hard-work and carefulness to minuscule detail. Succinctly the company always attempts to foresee possible complications, while constantly exploring viable advancements.